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MindHack Digest: What Epictetus can teach you about Judging

Happy Monday! I recently returned from a trip to the Philippines where I was humbled to see just how
MindHack Digest: What Epictetus can teach you about Judging
By Cody McLain • Issue #32 • View online
Happy Monday!
I recently returned from a trip to the Philippines where I was humbled to see just how much my company has grown over the past year. It’s a great time in the year to put ambitions aside, count your blessings and consider what to be most thankful for.
Someone bathes in haste; don’t say he bathes badly, but in haste. Someone drinks a lot of wine; don’t say he drinks badly, but a lot. Until you know their reasons, how do you know that their actions are vicious? This will save you from perceiving one thing clearly, but then assenting to something different. (Epictetus - Enchiridion XLV)
Generally, we’re all doing the best we can… We are not privy to the stories behind people’s actions, so we should be patient with others and suspend our judgment of them, recognizing the limits of our understanding. (Epictetus)
One of the things one must work on is viewing the world as objectively as possible. This, in turn, aids in reducing the impact of our initial impressions. To help with this, it’s useful to develop the habit of, as much as possible, removing opinion and hyperbole from our observations, both mental and verbal.
If you see someone you might be inclined to judge as overweight, think instead of their exact weight, which is a fact, rather than the judgment that there is too much of it. Better yet, see them as a whole person, with all their objective characteristics rather than one you would single out.
If the weather strikes you as hot, focus instead on the temperature, or on the wind. If your back is killing you, think that there is a sharp sensation. If your boss is overbearing, think of him as engaged or driven. The judgment adds nothing but unhelpful emotion. See the world as it is and work from that.
🍺 to another great week ahead!
- Cody

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