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MindHack Digest: Philippines Earthquake, Life Optimization 101

Hope you all had a great Easter Weekend. 🥚🐰 Sending prayers to my Ninja Family in the Philippines. A
MindHack Digest: Philippines Earthquake, Life Optimization 101
By Cody McLain • Issue #51 • View online
Hope you all had a great Easter Weekend. 🥚🐰
Sending prayers to my Ninja Family in the Philippines. A recent earthquake has caused damage to our office and injured a few of our employees. Stay strong, we’ll get through this together. 🙏
Let me tell you all a story about a boy.
He grew up in troubled circumstances, with his parents giving him and his sister to some relatives to look after while they sorted out their marriage. He had trouble making friends growing up, and never could really find a group of friends that he clicked with. He moved around quite a bit and never even had time to develop any deep or meaningful relationships anyway.
He was bullied, thought he was stupid, thought he’d never amount to anything. Growing up, it seemed like his whole life would be a failure. His parents died when he was young, and all his closest relatives died just within a few years of each-other. He feared he’d end up on the street, homeless, addict, nobody. His greatest fear was that he will have died without anybody ever knowing he had ever existed.
That boy’s fears never came to fruition, because that boy was me. My fears fueled my ambitions to be somebody. I wasn’t born with perseverance, it was forced upon me. My bridges were burned for me, so Plan A was the only plan I had.
All the years of desiring to be a better, happier and more successful person eventually translated into action, into small steps that showed me just how capable I truly was. Then at some point I realized the same thoughts I had about myself, my past, are the same ones we all have, and this has fueled a desire to figure out how to do more to help others achieve their own version of self-actualization.
I’m still working on exactly how to best achieve that, but meanwhile free to read this short eBook I wrote called Life Optimization 101. I was inspired to write it after reading the amazing psychology book, Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow and in hindsight, was able to recognize my own mental transformation.
If you’ve never read my book, From Foster Care to Millionaire, feel free to read chapter one here on me. Or reply and tell me about somebody who needs to hear my story and I’ll send a free copy.
My 29th birthday was over the weekend and I couldn’t of asked for a better birthday gift than this brilliant video made by the employees of my company, SupportNinja.
🍺 to another great week ahead!
- Cody

Happy Birthday Cody!
Happy Birthday Cody!
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