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MindHack Digest: How Many Failures Does it Take to Change the World?

Happy Monday! 🎙New Podcast Episode With Michael Dash, A fellow entrepreneur and new author of the boo
MindHack Digest: How Many Failures Does it Take to Change the World?
By Cody McLain • Issue #59 • View online
Happy Monday!
🎙New Podcast Episode With Michael Dash, A fellow entrepreneur and new author of the book, Chasing the High. He’s an ex-Addict sharing his story on overcoming addiction.
At the age of 7, he was forced to move out of his home with his family. Just two years later, his mother died.
When he turned 22, he lost his job after the company he worked for went bankrupt. A year later he ran for state legislature but lost. Then he borrowed money to start a business with a friend, but by the end of the year, it failed. His possessions were seized to pay off the debt, and then his broke partner died suddenly, requiring that he take on his partner’s debt too. When he turned 25, he ran for state legislature again but won!
A year later he became engaged, but his fiancee died before the wedding. He became depressed, suffered panic attacks, and thought everything was hopeless. When he turned 29 he ran for speaker of the state legislature but lost; then at 34 he ran to be a congressman but lost that too.
When he turned 35, he ran for Congress again but won. He did an excellent job but was out of a job once his term ended. At 40 he tried to get another job but was rejected, so he ran for U.S. Senate at 45 but lost by six votes.
Two years later he was a contender for Vice President but lost. Then at 49 he ran for the Senate a second time but lost that too.
However, when he was 51, after a lifetime of loss, failure, disappointment, and frustration, Abraham Lincoln was elected the sixteenth president of the United States. Despite having been elected for a second term, he only served four years before an assassin finally defeated him in April of 1865.
In those four years, President Lincoln led the country through the American Civil War, preserved the Union, ended slavery; and moved the nation back to the founding ideals of liberty, democracy, and equality.
So the next time you want to quit, the next time you tell yourself that you’re a failure, ask yourself how different the world would be if Abraham Lincoln had stopped trying after his first, tenth or 15th failure?
My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure. ―Abraham Lincoln
🍺 to a great week ahead!
- Cody

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