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MindHack Digest: Acres of Diamonds

Happy Monday! ❓I Added icons to the beginning of each paragraph in the story below. Do they detract f
MindHack Digest: Acres of Diamonds
By Cody McLain • Issue #73 • View online
Happy Monday!
❓I Added icons to the beginning of each paragraph in the story below. Do they detract from the flow of the story or do you find they help you visualize the scene better? Reply and let me know!
🏫 In the 1800’s there was a Baptism minister by the name of Russell Conwell who went around telling a story people paid to hear. Remember, in those days there wasn’t so much as a radio. He earned millions telling this story and eventually used that money to start Temple University in Philadelphia.
🌾 In brief, there was a middle eastern farmer named Ali Hafed who had a family and made a living despite the struggles he had to endure. One day, a Buddhist priest from the Far East wandered by on a pilgrimage—and he asked if he could stay with Ali for a few days, and Ali accepted.
💎 Over dinner one night, the priest talked about his travels and mentioned an area in the world where one could find diamonds, incredible and valuable diamonds at that. He has not heard of diamonds, but the more he knew, the more he desired them so he asked where to find one.
🤔 The Buddhist priest looked thoughtful and said they’re in an area where the mountains come to a certain peak, and there’s a river that flows beneath the mountains. There’s some sandy silver sands that the river flows through and if you look in the clear water, you’ll find the diamonds.
🏔 So Ali Hafed, sold on these diamonds decided to leave his family and find these diamonds to become wealthy. He packed everything he could carry and searched high and low. In the end he became bitter having searched his whole life, he never found the diamonds and out of despair, cast himself into the ocean where he died.
💠 Meanwhile, someone had bought Ali Hafed’s farm and taken it over. One day the new owner was looking up at the mountains and how they sat a certain way. There was a river that flowed behind the farm that flowed through some silver sandy areas in the river bed. This new owner noticed a glint of sparkle, reached down and found diamonds galore. He ended up owning the largest diamond mine the world had ever seen.
🏡 It’s at this point in the story, Reverend Conwell would then emphasize the lesson, which is not to go searching in far off lands to find wealth and prosperity, because it’s already in your backyard. It doesn’t matter if you live in Philadelphia or heck, Cody, Wyoming, build your fortune where you are. With a little introspection on your skills and interests, you can find the diamonds you have within yourself to achieve a life of satisfaction and happiness.
🍺 to a great week ahead!
- Cody

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