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Annual Review How-To, Minimize Covid Exposure, Improve Self-Talk

Annual Review How-To, Minimize Covid Exposure, Improve Self-Talk
By Cody McLain • Issue #101 • View online
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Cody McLain here again from the MindHack Newsletter and Podcast. I’ve been on a bit of hiatus but will be returning to sending out a more regular newsletter that is more personal and informative. We’re all on a journey of growth and one of my goals is to create a MindHack community centered around personal growth.
You’ll receive interesting info on a range of topics from Productivity, Habits, Psychology, and more. I promise each newsletter will be full of interesting and actionable content.

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📌 New Apps I’ve been experimenting with
I admit that I suffer from Shiny New Toy Syndrome when it comes to apps. I’ve learned to mediate my excitement of new apps, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Here are some new apps that I’m still semi-excited with:
  • Centered - Despite the steep $15/month subscription, I think the overall idea of combining mindfulness, gratitude, and tasks is brilliant. I’ve never met somebody who hasn’t felt overwhelmed from a to-do list, and I see a growing trend of software like this that seeks to help us prioritize our work.
  • Timestripe - The idea is simple, put your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals all on the same screen. No mobile app and needs some work, but I love the direction.
  • GoalsWizard - An app developed by the legendary self-development author, Brian Tracy. They help walk you through the goal creation process, questions you should be asking and help to set milestones. I don’t see myself using it long-term but am finding it useful to help with goal creation.
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